Warp Wednesday Three: Inquisitor Bacardi (and friends)

Hello again, welcome to another Warp Wednesday. I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of the readers (even if you just look at the pictures), your collective interest provokes me to finish those dusty projects I have laying about.

Well, I guess I should start with the introductions; meet Grand Mistress Inquisitor Bacardi, commander of the Imperial forces on Odin Primary. Surrounding her are her current retinue, and behind, the Invincible II, Bacardi's personal transport.

I refuse to limit myself to ranges when it comes to the Inquisition. You might notice non-GW models and bitz here and there, such as the hammer-wielding acolyte (from the Warmachine range from Privateer Press). To be fair, once any model has reached my hands, it usually is immediately dumped into the bitz box (unless I have a project in mind). Any suitable bit, embellished with similar icons, symbols and color scheme, can see active service on the tabletop. To make this a proper rant (and I apologize) I must say one last thing; to limit your imagination is a crime, use everything!

Lets talk of transportation, spacifically a land raider named Invincible II. This tank is by far the oldest of all my armour, I have owned it three times and painted it four times (not including touch ups), the third time it narrowly escaped ork "ownership". For such an ancient vehicle it needed a special purpose, so it became my primary HQ transport. The varied icons, purity seals and other bling has been collected throughout its service, giving each a meaning and history (even if I don't remember the specifics). Upon the back (which is labelled) you might notice the modification to the engine block, proof that the Inquisition is powered by the suffering of heretics. This "heretic engine" has since become a type of signature on some vehicles (both my baneblade and sister's repressor have one).

Happy veiwing,
Inquisitor Ricalope.
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