Cygnar - As Played by Bruce Campbell

 My Cygnar army has a theme; lots of guns.  So it was obvious that I would go with Caine as my primary 'caster.  In his background, he is portrayed as the most shady and independent warcaster in the kingdom, which suits me fine.  After a few games with the Lt. it was hard to use any other Cygnar 'caster, he is pretty solid.  I'm looking forward to picking up his epic version, just for gunfighter if nothing else.
 I would like to see a live-action Warmachine movie, and I think the talented Bruce would be an obvious choice for Caine.
Until next round, be well.


Cryx - Bodyguard

 Ogrun bokurs are pretty useful, especially for Cryx, since they bring to the table a couple things they lack in-faction.  These being shield guard and focus-free hitting power.  It is likely that this guy will be following Hellbringer around.
Until next round, be well.


Khador - Artillery

 The "dirty Khadorians" have a couple of these in the list.  So many winterguard...
Just a quick post, be well.


Cryx - Banes!!

 Here is another staple in most Cryx forces; banes.  This guy, Bane Lord Tartarus, is the character solo with the nasty little habit of bringing more thralls to the field as he kills things.  I often just shoot him from afar.
 And you can't really run Tartar(Sauce) without a mob of bane thralls.
Until next round, be well.


Space Wolves - Lord of Wolves

 Every so often I get the chance to paint up a Forge World mini, and it is definitely something to look forward to.  In this case it is a terminator Wolf Lord with some pretty awesome armour.
 This mini was converted by the client, with some weapon and head swaps and some added bitz.  I really like the fact that some action was conveyed in the pose (those older, static, terminators were boring).  Definitely looks like he is giving someone a good shield bash.
 I am really enjoying the "Emperor's Executioners".  It is a chapter packed with details which make each marine an individual with each marine's armour telling some of the warrior's story (and the Norse-feel helps too).
Until next round, be well.


Menoth - Now With Reach

 This guy obviously answered one of those emails and got his sword extended.  I hear it only took some plasticard and putty.
 This sculpt was interesting.  Lots of details and such, but with a very static pose.  Also, compared to the other character heavy 'jacks (and beasts) of his age, he is kind of tiny.
 (You know what this blog need?  More posts....)
Until next round, be well.


Menoth - Crazy People

 Over on the Menoth front, some zealots were added to the force.  If/when I play Menites, this unit is on the list.  the unit is small (well, smaller than a ten man unit) and has lots of opportunity to paint flowing robes.  Painting robes like these in white posed a bit of a challenge, I had to make multiple thin coats to keep it solid and reduce brush strokes.
 The icon bearer is one of my favourite models in the Menoth range, which made me happy that I had the opportunity to paint one up. 
Until next round, be well.


Khador - A Little Bit of Necromancy

 Here is another model for the Northern Army; Alexia.  Of all the older Privateer sculpts, this one is one of my favourites. 
 One of the most fun parts was her sword, which was an attempt at a glowing black blade.  It wasn't a complete success, but I am happy with it.
 I also gave her a flash of red so she would have some tie-in with the rest of the army, otherwise I took the opportunity to use some colours I don't get to use very often (which is my favourite thing about mercs).
Until next round, stay frosty...


Cephalyx - The Psychic Spider-Squid Army Begins (Slowly)

 A while ago, I attended a Steamroller and promptly lost every game.  The big prize, a pre-release cephalyx army bundle, was to be raffled off with extra tickets going to the winners.  My chances were low, and to my complete surprise, my ticket was drawn!!
 Now, months later, I have a painted cephalyx to post; the agitator!!
 As you can see, I am going with a dark purple for the robes. The other colours I tried to keep somewhat muted, being used to provide contrast mostly.  The most fun part was the bases, I used some zombie bits and water fx (the paste stuff) and a couple of brushloads of varnish after the red paint.  The whole army will be wading through pools of gore, yummy.
Until next time, be well.


Trolls - Trolljack Ninja

 Tagging along with the Ironmonger is his trusty mule.  A fairly decent match for the troll 'marshal, the mule can benefit from his drive and get to shoot and assault.  I just got to figure a way to make him Def troll...
 The mace needed to be trollfied, so I added the wheels from an old Blood Bowl deathroller(?).  I also had to use the pin to straighten out the handle a bit more.  Ninja also got a tuffalo shield, Raluk's keg, and ogre bellyplate.
 This is the first of two trolljacks, the second one should be posted soon...
Until next round, be well.

Trolls - Trolljack Marshal

 This mercenary is a strange fellow, but a fun troll to have around.  He is the Ironmonger, a 'jack marshal/mechanic that a handful of factions can hire, including trolls. As soon as he was released I knew he had to be in my troll army since I love warjacks and I have a strong affection towards trolls.
 Apart from weirding out my opponent when I deploy merc 'jacks beside my dire trolls, he has been really solid on the tabletop.  With two heavy 'jacks under his control, I can send him off to clear a zone or hold an objective.  Due to his repair ability, his 'jacks are almost as resilient as the other trolls and hit just as hard.  Although his awesomeness might just be due to the fact that my dice love him.
 His battlegroup will be posted soon; trolljacks!
Until next round, be well.


Khador - Front Line Jack

 The request was for a heavily weathered look to the warjacks in this Khador army.  So I chipped the paint up and splattered some mud around.  I was fairly pleased with the result since this is the most weathered I have ever painted a mini.
 I do have to add that the plastic Khador 'jacks are far easier to work with than the older metal ones.  Aside from being slightly bigger, they also have a bit more detail.
 Until next round...
...be well.


Cryx - The Canker

 I've been remiss is posting, please forgive me, it has been very busy around the Rabbit Hole of late.  A couple weeks ago was the holiday that should be; Day of the Lope.  Also, the new queen of Ricalopia will be crowned soon so those preparations are reaching a boiling point.  With all this I am still finding time to paint up a storm.
 The next thing in the "Things to Post" list is the mighty Cankerworm for the bone and purple Cryx project.  I think he looks pretty good in this colour scheme.
 I must echo the sentiment of the client regarding this mini, that it is sad that Cankerworm is the only Cryx mini with an awesome base.  I think there should be wreck marker like base inserts for other models too.  This is why most of the characters are getting a cog or two on their bases, to tie them together visually.
Until next round, be well.


Steamroller - Throwing Down at EG

 Today was a Steamroller day, and as a 'Ganger, I was there to preform the sacred duties of a T.O.  I had a ton of fun and I didn't even play a game!!
 I'm always more than happy to go down to the FLGS and help out with events they want to run, last week was a speedmachine tournament at C2/Gamecentral, and they are always filled with some of the best players around.
 I find that there are a few players who want to keep their games 'casual'.  While I do agree with them, the Steamroller format (and being held in a FLGS) doesn't feel as pressurized as many other types of tournaments I have experienced.  Yes Deathclock can be intimidating, but it is rare that I see a 'casual' game last longer than two hours.  Don't rush, you got time aplenty!!
 There were some terrifying lists out there today (24 medium based infantry, two storm striders, and the Rhulic colossal to name a couple) and lots of things dying which made me happy.
 The top three factions were Mercenaries, Scorne, and Circle.

 The faction breakdown was fairly even, with only two Hordes factions, and Ret being the only faction with two players.  I find it preferable when a tournament has equal representation from each faction, it provides more diversity which makes better players.

 Of course I have to give a big shout-out to Rob at Everything Games for hosting the event today, and Andrew at C2/Gamecentral for the one last weekend!!
 Until next round, be well and crush your enemies (in a friendly way).