Cephalyx - The Psychic Spider-Squid Army Begins (Slowly)

 A while ago, I attended a Steamroller and promptly lost every game.  The big prize, a pre-release cephalyx army bundle, was to be raffled off with extra tickets going to the winners.  My chances were low, and to my complete surprise, my ticket was drawn!!
 Now, months later, I have a painted cephalyx to post; the agitator!!
 As you can see, I am going with a dark purple for the robes. The other colours I tried to keep somewhat muted, being used to provide contrast mostly.  The most fun part was the bases, I used some zombie bits and water fx (the paste stuff) and a couple of brushloads of varnish after the red paint.  The whole army will be wading through pools of gore, yummy.
Until next time, be well.
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