Progress is hard to come by...

Haven't posted in a while, but I thought I would share some finished things. Firstly, six simple sewer markers. Each are made from a Privateer Press base, card, a handle and the lead-holder from a pencil.
These guys have been around a while, so long they had serious pigment and chipping issues. Since they are my infantry platoon command, they needed touch-ups. I also thought it would be nice to re-base them with a more industrial feel and add a medic for the plasma gunner.
The psyker choir are complete. A full squad with a primaris psyker (Artios). The bases are made from different textures of plasticard and tubes with a little sand.
Until next time,


Terrain Binge

Many hands at work. This weekend the Rabbit Hole hosted an open house to build terrain. Most if it will be used in the upcoming GottaCon Warhammer and 40k tournaments, all of it will be used for games in the Rabbit Hole.
Creative energy flowed like coffee, (the coffee flowed like water).

The industrial zone was expanded...with Burny's approval.

Purity Control at work....
Nearly every tool, brush and building material was used this weekend, not something that usually happens. It seems to cause some vapors...
Bins, and bins of raw terrain. Tins, sprue, lighter holders, till receipt rolls, pressboard and everything else.
Much of the terrain started the weekend in various stages, from just needing sand to non-existent.
Some were surprised of how easy it is to make nice looking terrain pieces and the stuff that it can be made of. The pre-made terrain kits are great, but by keeping an eye out for interesting bitz a wargamer has a nearly unlimited supply of materials to draw from.
Terrain graffiti....crazy heretics...
The two day building binge went a third day, with much painting and a couple people returning to do more work upon projects.
Some finished products:

The sounds of drybrushing still echo through the house...
There is still lots of things to paint, and lots more materials to use up. I am tempted to touch up some of the older pieces to get rid of some of the chips and breaks.

Until next time....take care.


I never do this...

(picture from GW's site)
I have few words, for I am drooling. The beastmen army is starting to make noises in their case...plastic minotaurs!!!!!!!!!

Tzeench be praised!


A Hydra Platform (Finished)

Thought I would show you the hydra platform now that it is all finished.
Other than a couple of slightly uneven feet, the whole thing went off pretty well. I tried a slightly different method of weathering this time. I started with a heavy stipple of Scorched Brown, then Solar Orange, and lastly a hint of Boltgun Metal. I might have overdone it a little here, but this was mostly to practice the technique.
Oh, and I built a small observation marker (his name is 33632). He is made of some bastion bitz, bases, and the marine bit from the apoc vehicle sprue.

Until next post,

Warp Wednesday Thirteen: Dark Origins

Everything starts somewhere.
Tzeench has been whispering to me again, he wishes you well.
A mechanicum of dark origins and steam-powered undead. An unholy combination of invention and necromancy.
The plans for this heresy are yours to ponder, (they are rough sketches, pics of real models in the coming weeks!)
The Arch Magos stands, but is missing his six arms and flamer "a" (or 01-pyro-alfa) has all its bitz. There has been progress...
Rules-wise, it will most likely be an Imperial Guard List, (although using a space marine list would be amusing, and I definitely do not want to use a necron list for them). There will be many "count as" models, but they will be wysiwyg (equipment and guns), just alot of strange designs.

Putting the romance back in necromancy...take care.


Imperial Guard in Review: Vehicle Sprues

Yes, I know, the newest guard sprues have been out for a while now. But since I have been able to mess around with then all, I would like to tell what I think about the command squad, sentinel, demolisher and hellhound kits.
Command Squad (Cadian): The bitz contained on this sprue is the reason to get this kit. The size of the waists is a little smaller (on the legs) than the regular Cadians, but that is the only scale-issue I found. This could end up as an entire rant about the coolness of the bitz, so I will move on...

Sentinels: Having all-plastic sentinels (that include all the weapon choices) is a huge improvement. Once you understand the trick to the legs (where the little bump goes) the walkers are a breeze to assemble. On the conversion side, the bitz look very versatile.

Hellhound and Demolisher: The new hellhound looks much better than the old, with a better profile and main gun, (but I am still unsure about the new weapon variants). The demolisher is also more ascetically pleasing. But when it comes to bitz, both these kits are lacking. Neither of them come with an accessory sprue (dozer, track guards, etc.) and many of the previously useful bitz (hatches, treads and wheels to name some), either don't exist of are sculpted in. On the other hand, both of them have a 'main' sprue and a 'secondary' sprue, by changing the 'secondary' sprue GW will be able to release most of the other vehicle variants without metal bitz (notice the floor interiors that give it away). The assembly is easier (barring conversions) and the tracks actually line up right!
I will rank than out of ten:
Command Squad (Cadian): 9
Sentinel: 9
Hellhound: 6
Demolisher: 7

What are your thoughts?


The Dawn of a New Year

Happy New Year Everybody!

A friend of mine is a model (a real/human one, not plastic or pewter), and wanted to use some of my models as settings and antagonists for some sets. To this I gladly agreed, professional photography is always cool with me. I hope you enjoy these selections.

On a more seasonal topic, I have decided to be sure to do a few things this year (or at least make a valiant attempt). First is to finish painting all the primed models I own, not an easy feat to say the least, that would be around 140ish figures, not including the bugz. Second, is to put more effort into my gamer life, not just the hobby. This will involve conventions, tournaments, gatherings and some talk of a gamer's group in Victoria. Lots to do...

And it looks like you all have voted for the 609th to bring to GottaCon, I approve of your decision! (Not that Ricalopia is a democracy, but your words are heard!) Here is what I have in mind:
-Primaris Psker w/ battle psyker squad
-Ohgryns w/ chimera
-Infantry Platoon (on foot)
-Veterans w/ valkyrie
-Sentinels w/ lascannons
-Rough Riders
-Leman Russ Executioner

I hope your new year is epic,

All pictures are by Lords Baine Photography.