Warp Wednesday Thirteen: Dark Origins

Everything starts somewhere.
Tzeench has been whispering to me again, he wishes you well.
A mechanicum of dark origins and steam-powered undead. An unholy combination of invention and necromancy.
The plans for this heresy are yours to ponder, (they are rough sketches, pics of real models in the coming weeks!)
The Arch Magos stands, but is missing his six arms and flamer "a" (or 01-pyro-alfa) has all its bitz. There has been progress...
Rules-wise, it will most likely be an Imperial Guard List, (although using a space marine list would be amusing, and I definitely do not want to use a necron list for them). There will be many "count as" models, but they will be wysiwyg (equipment and guns), just alot of strange designs.

Putting the romance back in necromancy...take care.
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