Khador - Been a While...

 It has been a little too quiet around here....so I'm going to fix that in the next few days for there has been much progress!!  Exhibit 'A; Kodiak.'
 For this 'jack I swapped the 'Northern Army' colour scheme around which brings him closer to the studio scheme.  While working on this guy I remembered that I enjoy painting grey as much as red.
 I'm still working on this army, and there are more finished minis to come...
Until next round, be well.


Cygnar - Tiny Robot

 Cygnar uses a lot of warcaster support, the squire here is a good example of that.  This little 'bot effectively raises the focus on a 'caster by one, which is really handy.  It also is a fun mini to work on.
 The squire paints like a 'jack, just a really small 'jack...without arms.  I kind of hope that there will be 'lesser' 'jacks in the future for either Cygnar or Convergence.
Until next round, be well.


Khador - Heavy Infantry

 The Northern Army continues to grow, the latest members are these man'o'wars.  Khador doesn't build light 'jacks but they do build some of the heaviest infantry.
 These guys were pre-assembled when the client got them, with upside-down shoulder pads and all, but I think I managed to make them look decent.
Well, back to painting, be well.