Warp Wednesday 23: On The Table

These are not the droids you are looking for, these are my three 'test'-droids for the mercenaries. I was recently acquainted with Imperial Armour 8 (the ork/elysian one) and got some funny ideas (sky talon for IKE? A dune-buggy driven by beastmen? lolz.....)
Meanwhile, elsewhere on the painting table these two have been threatening passers by, bunnies, mountains, paint, and pirate girls for a little while. Smash and Grab have had painted skin for a while, and then I started painting eldar...
Tony stands guard over the painting table, with his cheese wedges. Mmmmmm cheese....sorry, I just like cheese. 'Awesome' is defined as 'cheese and bacon' where I come from.
And lastly, due to greater range capacity, Marshal. This beastie is what I call a 'claymore' super heavy. It has a couple of missiles.

And that is what is on the painting table (or; very wip stuff). Happy Wednesday,


Rocket Clown ~ The Second

The blue clown, or clown number two, is table ready. There was an attempt to keep a color theme going with them, with white symbols.
The blue lines from the mime was turned into the main color of the bike, then orange squiggly lines were added. This means that the next rocket clown will be primarily orange, the problem is, what color to make the sqigglies.
I also have to figure out what the white design will be on the third (keeping in mind that the third one is the troupe master).
These are the things that keep me up at night. Have a good one,


Wipping that Interceptor

I have bee revisiting old projects here and there (part of my goal to finish them all) and the Interceptor resurfaced. It is much more recognizable as a jetplane now that it has a base.
As suggested on the original post, I added four stabilizers. I also (mostly) fixed the unevenness of the hull.
Details, like the eagle wings, have begun to appear (and apparently pilots have to have heads).
The thrusters were made from my secret ingredient 'srp'.
The armament? Twin-linked lascannons on the wings (aa mount), two hellstrikes, and soon to have four hunter killers. *The Inquisitor points, things explode.*
Thanks for looking, any comments/suggestions are appreciated,


The Asurya

They are the six Phoenix Lords of the eldar, the Asurya, and they are ready for primer!
The first and eldest is Asurmen, founder of the Dire Avenger aspect as well as the Path of the Warrior itself. There are very few conversions here (Asurmen only had his banner cut down) save the little flappy bits.
Fuegan, founder of the Fire Dragon aspect and all-around pyromaniac. Each of these eldar nasties were given larger bases, as is befitting their awesome. I also attempted to capture a bit of each aspect on the bases as well.
Maugan Ra master of the Dark Reapers (this is actually my third Maugan as I used to play an Altansar army, R.I.P.) I believe this was the model that convinced me to play eldar (I went with the dark kin first, with a converted abomination of Mr. Ra). He is simple, angry and has damn cool armor (even the blood angels copied his, lolz).
Jain Zar, loudest of the Howling Banshees, and the worst model to try to pin to a base. I knew it was the girls who would be difficult to give bigger bases to, but that wasn't going to stop me. And now I need to get a unit of banshees....
Karandras, Lord of the Scorpions. He ousted the first scorpion phoenix, he has got the best helmet in the game, and has a superfluous chainsaw. What is not to like?
Baharroth is the youngest of the Phoenix Lords (and the codex always rubs it in), he is also the only one who can fly (imagine the pranks!) Like many eldar players, not a fan of Hawks, but give them hit and run... This prancing lord might get fielded along side Jaher and his spiders, I might even start liking his aspect.

Thanks for looking, (I will paint them soon I promise),


Warp Wednesday 22: Squad Crimson

Getting to know the 609th; Squad Crimson One.
When you are 609th infantry you either walk or ride. Platoon Crimson is the infantry core of the armor division, they get to ride the mechanical beast that is the chimera.
Under the relentless pounding of solid rounds, and gaze of the commissar, Crimson One is often the first in. The squad has the prestige of being the first 'true' armored fist squad of the 609th (back in the old codex that is), this is often seen when they deal with Crimson Command.
Crimson One has served in nearly every action that the 609th have undertaken. Until the founding of Platoon Crimson they also had the highest casualty rate ('Plasma' Bill has rarely survived even after that).
Ah yes, Commissar Roxy...
SLt. Justin is the leader of this mob, a really grumpy officer with an axe, he has often been seen deep in the battlefield fighting alone after his squad has died.
Snips...no one talks much about, or to, him.
See you next Wednesday,


The Sunstorm Project - Ready to Burn

The Sunstorm Squadron is table-ready. First, the squadron leader, Effector.
You might remember this project (from the mists of hobby a.d.d.), I didn't give up. The first post was here, and the second here.

Next, is Crysanthimum. He was built first and lurked about the Shelf of Shame for quite some time.

Third in the squadron is Muscaria.
His diamonds curl inward, symbolically opening the triangle for more prisms. (or some such thing...)

And here they are together.
Thanks for lookin',


Rocket Mime

After painting, re-painting, putting it down, seeking inspiration online, painting, putting it down, and slowly painting it again, the first rocket clown is done.
Due to the re-painting, this one became the mime. (One out of three of my harleys take up the black of mimehood).
I hope you like her

Where Has All the Violence Gone?

If you have been wondering where all the battle reports have gone, they have been posted on our gaming group's blog, Rabbit Hole Games. Ricalopia will still be showing projects and hosting the odd rant, but all the group-relevant stuff will be over there. Simple right?



Pew Pew!

You got to love an empire that gives fallen gunslingers a second chance, and new guns to boot!
I went for a purple hue to represent his etherealness. I think it gives him that creepy edge too.
His duster and guns were kept neutral browns, but with extreme highlights.
Pew pew...
Until next time, be well,