The Sunstorm Project - Hull Designs

Greetings all, and welcome to the first of the Sunstorm posts. On the shelf of shame there was once two fire prisms, the rear-heavy, metal kind. Then the new kit came out, and at once I knew it would be the 'squadron leader'. After some assembly, and tricking out the engines, the Sunstorm squadron was ready for paint. I knew that if I attempted to paint each one separately the third one would never be finished. On the other hand, if I painted them all at once. it would take me forever..and thus the blog posts. Hopefully, this will prompt me to work on them.
I begin with a vomit brown basecoat over white primer. I am not too worried at getting all the nooks and crannies at this point as there is a wash eventually. I know what a nook is, but a cranny?
Second, a generous coat of bleached bone was applied. With no designs in mind yet, both of these coats were applied everywhere. Still haven't seen a cranny though....
Next would be marking out the designs and green/turquoise sections with catachan green. In an attempt to keep the tanks very bright, the designs were kept to a minimum. This will also stop my head from exploding.
The green was given a second coat of camo/catachan green mix. I decided to create a triangle connecting all three tanks which connects each prism cannon.
Here's a top view. The burning triangle rune is the squadron's rune, while the larger one is Craftworld Apseraph's.
Next, with catachan green/hawk turquoise, apply the turquoise basecoat. Only half of the runes were given this basecoat, as well as the ends of the fins, which will start the color change.
A second triangle was created with the turquoise, diamonds on the hull, flames on the turret. All the highlights have been left for the last stages, as it is easier to finish them after touch-ups.

Until next time,
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