Rocket Clowns ~ Before Putty

I was just about to make more coffee and break out the putty...
...But I thought I might show you the assembled clowns. The Muse has all of his equipment now; a laser lance, and a fusion gun (under the hull). The points will be spent for mandiblasters, but they will not be modeled on, as Harlequins seem to always get an extra attack more than other eldar.
Most of the tips of the blades on the bikes were cut and filed into curves. This reduces the 'dark' aspect of the models a little. Also, regular eldar vanes were added as well as some more gems.
In my bitz box there were a couple of wood elf swords which have very similar shoulder plates and smooth surface to paint diamonds. For some reason the dark eldar jetbikes only have the gripping arms, no ccw's. Odd.
The troupe master...er mistress got a shining spear's powersword. The bases have layered plasicard, filed into smooth curves for wraithbone architecture and wood elf bitz for more exodite flavor. That and there are pixies....
Next update.....after putty.
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