Rockets For Clowns

There used to be such a thing as a Harlequin jetbike squadron. I liked the idea of laughing eldar zipping through the webway on brightly-colored rockets. So, I am building a troupe of flying clowns.
They will be included into my exodite list (counting as shining spears in regular games) and I might create a apocalypse datasheet for them in the future. This particular bike will be for my "Muse", who will count as an exodite autarch on jetbike.
I was hoping to combine the bike kits more, luckily I still need to pick up two more bikes. At the moment, there is one bike done for the troupe master (above), as well as two bikes with flamers.
I just have to say, the new bikes are awesome.
This of course gives me all kinds of ideas, the predominant being making novice Harlequins out of wytches to count as storm guardians as well as a transport (waveserpent-ish). More to come.


PS- The Mechanicus drop lander will be done, likely in January. Thanks for voting, but the clowns won.
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