Who Needs Grey Marines?

With all those Grey Knight rumors flying around, I have been pondering about the state of the Inquisition. News of a turbo-charged marine list is....well....rather disappointing. If the rumors are true, I will likely only be using 20% of the new codex, as my Inquisitors enjoy using daemonhosts (which might not even be in the new book). Sigh.

But a different idea is brewing, Deathwatch. The under-manned and often ignored Ordo Xenos really needs a push. My proposal -> Dark Angels. The idea is to use the DA codex, rename some things, do some conversions, and hopefully have a arguable Alien Hunter army.

Samael (on jetbike) -> Inquisitor
Librarian -> Inquisitor
Deathwing squad
Ravenwing heavy (to hunt the alien)
Fire Warrior/Scout -> Stormtroopers

...It might work. Thoughts?

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