A Day in the Life of Adept Majoris Phoboes (3)

Although Vet. Sgt. Huckish was smashing deamons left and right he was hard pressed to reach the Chosen holding the third objective. Their chimera was immobilized but did succeed in purging the last plague marine with its heavy flamer.
The center line was holding by a thread, lesser daemons had assaulted Crimson Command, and the platoon commander and his bodyguard died horribly. Skold then punished them, sending most of them back to the warp.
The left flank was advancing with the xeno support. The troupe master, Dyscathi, assaulted Dragger and his bodyguard under the fire-support of the dire avengers. The heretic teleported back to wherever he came from half a second before Dyscathi's blade went through him. With only one objective held, the download of information began to dwindle, and the chosen were forcing their way into one of the others. Phoboes set the objectives to self-destruct lamenting the loss of research.
With the vital information cut off, Dragger back on his barge, and warp activity increasing, both sides prepared a withdraw to conserve their forces. Neither side had achieved a greater victory over the other, both sides began planning the next confrontation.

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