Growing Wraithbone ~ Part One

It's pink, tastes like nothing, and smells bad when you burn it. Yup, it's styrofoam! GottaCon is fast approaching, and the 40k tournament needs an eldar table (and so do I for that matter ;P ).
With hotwire in one hand, and fine sandpaper in another, I decided to work on that hole in my terrain collection, the eldar kind. Cutting the shapes out was easy with a wire cutter, but I caution you to keep all the windows open, (unless you like to breathe hazardous chemicals).
The wraithbone structures are sanded down with fine sandpaper which creates some awesome dust to inhale. One should really be wearing a gasmask for this kind of thing.
In one of the kitchen drawers I found a stash of bamboo skewers. With these, I skewered the pieces together with a bit of pva glue. Luckily, none of those cause respiratory problems, so I closed the window and took off the gasmask.
Now, on to a brief stroll through the bitz box, and they should be ready for paint.

See ya,
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