Tony's Larvae Pictures

He is bigger than Frankie, has more firepower than a squad of marines, and has a great smile. His name is Tony, he is one of those six-wound regenerating monstrosities I can't spell.
He is made of a 'smiley' carnifex head, tyrgon body and scythes, hive tyrant legs and some spore mines. And, as always, a lot of putty and wire.
A happy monster is a good monster...
Added back plates and spines to protect those fleshy bits. The tail is made from a venom cannon ammo tendril, never throw away 'nid bitz.
I mashed a bunch of beads into the putty for his belly, then held it in place with more spines for that 'gripping' feel. The guitar wire will eventually feed into the guns.
I decided to opt for the assault 20 gun, instead of the other options, and thought immediately of huge devourers. It wasn't until later that I realized that they were fleshborers, but I am going to stick with it. To represent Tony's additional flame templates, more bio-weapons were added to his back, made from the ends of the venom cannons used by his gun arms.
There he is with guns attached. They are very heavy with all that putty, luckily there were a couple of warriors to lend a claw. There is still much to do, which will likely warrant another post in the future.

They just keep getting bigger....
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