Warp Wednesday Sixteen: Getting to Know the 609th

I stepped outside the command bunker to find raindrops as big as my head flying vertically at my head, but then someone told me it was Wednesday. So, with raindrops forgotten, I thought about this week's Warp Wednesday. As I decided, the rain ceased. Let me begin to introduce you all to the various members of the 609th Inquisitorial Shock Troops. The best place to begin is with I1 squadron (tank division I, squadron 1) vehicles 1-3.
I 1 1. Meet Orestes, the eldest tread of he Armor Division, and Commander Segienza, the commander of the AD. Each triangle on the barrel accounts for 5 units, where as each diamond accounts for five vehicles, in addition he has a shield for each campaign it has taken part in (seven total). He is quite the venerable tread.
I 1 3. "Pair a veteran with a novice and you might get one good warrior," I believe that was the quote from D's butler. This is I13, he is so new he has not even earned his name. First Squadron, being the command unit, would be the best place to see if any tank crew was "found wanting". So, each new russ is assigned to First Squadron until another is inducted to get their training directly from Commander Segienza and fight under his banner.
I 1 2. Aries is the commanding tank for both the Artillery Division as well as Support. In Imperial Armour Vol 1, an Atlas was a HQ choice (now I have no idea but I only use him in apocalypse games) and I still consider him so. In a couple of games, Aries has been the sole reason for victory, once because of being able to tow wrecks out of the way.
Watch out for gangsta bears,
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