Life Sucking Robot

Another helljack? I painted this fella at the same time as Sean (the seether), his name is Correy (the corrupter).
He enjoys sucking the life out of things and making other things explode, an all around nice 'jack. I built him more recently with a more elaborate base and a couple of trophy spikes.
There is lots of copper on Correy because he will likely be beside my 'caster, and the liches like them shiny. The vials were painted with an odd collection of colors, and I can't remember any of them...
Looking forward to smashing stuff with him.
Until next round, be well.


Soul Powered Engine of Destruction

My iron lich's entourage swells, the most recent addition, a seether helljack. I call this psychotic machine 'Sean'. The rules for this..thing...are disgusting, it is no wonder they have to chain it down in between fights.
Rules aside, he just looks badass, so I had to get one. Only thing that bugged me was the head, it didn't sit well with me, so I switched it with a chaos defiler mask with the horns moved around to become tusks.
Sean is one heavy son of a forge, being all metal, definitely feels like 9 points. To digress, I find it easier to paint a model this size or smaller if it has some weight. A heavy model can rest in my hand, where I have to hold lighter ones. Ok, spiel over.
Hopefully I get the chance to let him run around smashing stuff with his bro (Correy) this weekend. Until next round, remember to thank the dice gods and be well.


Warp Wednesday 29: Steamtown

Gather, thralls and flesh-creatures, to listen to the story of Steamtown. It was not always the thriving necropolis it is today.
In 527AR, a group of prospectors from Cygnar located rich iron deposits within a hill westward of Blindwater. A small settlement was erected, and then grew, upon this hill. Soon, the settlement became a town and grew with industrial purpose. This town was named Steamtown.
The mines reached deeper into the hill. The deeper they dug, the thicker the bands of iron they found. They also began to run into sulfur pockets, which were both harmful and volatile. Although miners were falling ill, and fatal detonations began to be common, the mining continued.
Steamtown's morgue was run by a woman named Lilian, or Lily, and other than the gravedigger she worked alone. No one noticed the bodies go missing, with each of them assigned for cremation, it was almost too easy.
At the height of Steamtown's mortal life it provided great amounts of raw iron to the Cygnar capital. Being between two outposts, Steamtown's popularity with the kingdom grew, and dignitaries were sent into the Thornwood. Of course, Cygnar was not the only one who noticed the mines.
Lily was haunted by a being known to her only as Skar, who apparently was an emissary of his creator. Skar taught the mortician his master's lore of animation, Lilyy seemed to know half of the lessons already. When the delegation was set to arrive, Skar told her it was the time.
Ceremonies took place in a Steamtown glazed over with ornaments and streamers. The day was filled with cheers and speeches, while the evening was set to revelry. As Steamtown fell into a drunken sleep the morgue's doors opened and Lily began a stroll into town. Behind her came the town's dead.
Her thralls were crude creatures, just shambling automata bound to her will. Each of these zombies was built to contain a measure of sulfur and a mechanikal device. Lily was only one to watch the sun rise, but she had other things to do than watch the sun.
After her work was done, the townsfolk standing an undying guard inside the mines, she left. As agreed, Lily followed Skar to the Nightmare Empire, and was presented to Asphixious. She managed to stay in his favor, as his necrosurgeon, until his move to the mainland. She led the iron lich to the mines of her former life.
She saw that Steamtown had been repaired, likely by Khadorians, and then abandoned again. It was changed, but Skar and her were back home. The iron lich saw a more practical view. He ordered an underground complex made with mines and 'jack factory, it is called Helzforge.
Steamtown's ruins remain, picked clean and boobytrapped. The streets are infested by Lily's creations and the testing grounds for newly minted helljacks. Nice place to spend one's unlife.


Sat 7 - Number Eight

It's Saturday, and here is seven things that caught my eye this week;

-Over at Chaos Brushes has a giant ork spida.
-Orkidus has a terrain party.
-A dark Eldar dragon, nice!
-Chompers, a smooth conversion I'd say.
-Legion of Plastic has a nice chat about conversions.
-A merc, Magnus, from Stuck Between Stations.
-Klaus shows us how to make an awesome dragon here and here.

Thats seven for this week, until next round.


Flesh Tearers - Assault Squad

There has been much painting done of late, like finishing the other five assault marines for that Flesh Tearer commission.
The squad now boasts two hazard-striped meltas, carried by these friendly guys.
...snuck in some more stripes on the bases...
Working on the Crusader "Vehemens" with a large buzzsaw pattern (which my necrotech seems really interested in...)

Until next round, be well (and keep painting!)


Black Dragon - Dreadlord WIP

The newest commission project has begun, and this time it is a black dragon of those not-nice elves. It has been built so that the riders (a Dreadlord and Sorceress) may be swapped, or be used unmounted. It was simply putting a pint in the chair poking out both sides and drilling corresponding holes.
This is the progress so far, the Dreadlord and a start on the throne. Purple was chosen as the primary color, with a lean towards the standard colors. So I stared at the box for a bit, and noticed how the metal was two-toned, which I like. I painted the metal like normal (boltgun/chainmail/mithril) then washed it with asyumen and a "spot" wash of ogryn flesh.
As the third color I chose a turquoise, and attempted to make it flow into the purple. So far, so good (I think...)
Until next round...


The First Lord

Here, for your critique, is the first necron lord of the Legion.
I decided to go with an Ancient Egyptian feel with blue and tan, but desert bases didn't look quite right. Instead I decided on a dead-world feel.
I think he feels very synthetic with minimal metallics, almost eldar...
Comments welcome!
Until next round, be well.


Sat 7 - Number Seven

It is Saturday, and here are seven things that caught my eye this week:

-An =I= from Legion of Plastic (PMW).
-Converted venoms on DFG.
-Inq28 shows us JRN's fantastic mini (PMW).
-Pig Iron Blog shows off some sweet WWII terrain (the batrep is pretty good too).
-More =I= goodness, from Path of the Outcast.
-Sorrowshard finished off some Reavers.
-Jay has some great terrain setup guidelines, of which I totally agree upon.

That's it for this week, see you next round.


Slow News Day

The guy in the chair from the Space Hulk box, still waiting for the serf to bring him a new roll...
But, he is finished! After taking these pictures I noticed that his robes/litany were too pale, so they have since been washed. Jokes aside, this was a fun model to paint with consistent details to the other terminators.
...still waitin'...
Until next round, be well.


Tyrant Guard

I got my tentacles on three of the old tyrant guard with lash whips and riot shields, so Fester gets some back-up. I like these guys, they already have the pox modeled on!
Of course, there needed to be a squid-face, it's a Fester thing...
Not much conversion on these guys, they are creepy enough, just some extra armour plates, new rending claws and new bases. They should help the tyrant live a turn or two longer!
Back to painting, until next round!


Sat 7 - Number Six

It's Saturday, time for the seven things I spotted in the interwebz this week.

-Remember that Warpwolf from Lost Hemisphere? Well, he's painted!
-A converted scraplauncher over at Magnificent Bastards.
-Oddly named, but nice to look at; the Amada of Evil.
-A very awesome conversion; Valencia.
-A leman russ from over at Adeptus Malaysia.
-Chaos Brushes finished a Dark Apostle, nice.
-Dwarven 'jacks are sweet, like this one.

And that wraps up this week's Sat-7, see you next round.


A Question...

This is the "new" legion of Necrons I have inherited through nefarious means. I plan to have this army up for auction/raffle at the next GottaCon, but how should I paint them? The glowsticks will be glued in and painted (likely some osl thereabouts) with a darker scheme overall, I think. So I open the floor to you for any suggestions and ideas....
Until next round...


I 33 - The n00b

Finished up what might be the last of the 609th's leman russ tanks. This would be the ninth (second exterminator) in the motor pool. It is so new, the crew hasn't named her yet.
A tombstone hangs from the sponson, an armour division joke regarding "steel coffins" and tempting fate. It also has the usual amount of dirt, tank stripes of its division, and a shield designating the forge where the Mk II-VI hull was produced.
What is a little different from its kin are the grey markings and the rust effects, much like Lunchbox. The others will be getting the same treatment over time.
Until next round, be well.


Hand Me a Wench: Episode 5...Completion!

Finally, after many weeks and a hiatus, the wenches are finished. They were a lot of fun, but I am glad they are done. So, without many more words, here's some pictures of pirate girls:
The champion.

The standard bearer.

The musician.

And the rest of them.

Until next round, be well.