Soul Powered Engine of Destruction

My iron lich's entourage swells, the most recent addition, a seether helljack. I call this psychotic machine 'Sean'. The rules for this..thing...are disgusting, it is no wonder they have to chain it down in between fights.
Rules aside, he just looks badass, so I had to get one. Only thing that bugged me was the head, it didn't sit well with me, so I switched it with a chaos defiler mask with the horns moved around to become tusks.
Sean is one heavy son of a forge, being all metal, definitely feels like 9 points. To digress, I find it easier to paint a model this size or smaller if it has some weight. A heavy model can rest in my hand, where I have to hold lighter ones. Ok, spiel over.
Hopefully I get the chance to let him run around smashing stuff with his bro (Correy) this weekend. Until next round, remember to thank the dice gods and be well.
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