Lunchbox, an update.

Lunchbox, officially called I-51, is attached to the Wolf Pack as their personal transport.
You might recall this vehicle from various battle-reports, or from this post, it is not new to the motorpool by a long-shot.
After the last game, where it was destroyed first turn (forcing the plasma-toting vets to walk), I decided it needed an update. It is one of the few tanks without track-guards, and I wasn't happy with the look, it needed to look more 'veteran'.
Once all the bits were on, and painted, the tank got hit with the weathering stick. There was also much washing, and a little repainting. I am happy with the end result!
Here it is in the in-between stage, just before painting began.
Plasicard bits, real bitz, and some moving bitz around. It got a wolf pelt, identifying it as part of the Wolf Pack. Some extra tread and stowage boxes, as well as struts for the rear ramp.
The dragon medallion (on the back) signifies the Medusa War, while the shield and seals represent the major engagements on Oden Prime. The wreath is the tank's battle honours, shown on the turret, and the skull represents the unit's membership to Delta Team.
Until next round...
Be well.


Space Hulk Flesh Tearer

The first of many (12?) terminators for the growing Flesh Tearer army. You can see the rest of the first five in the background along with the assault squad. (They are getting there...)
These guys are pretty sweet, a ton of purity seals along with oodles of details, then add some brass etches. I have got to thank Tristan for letting me paint these guys! Since the "glowy hand of doom" and chainblade went over well, these guys are going to have some osl and hazard stripes too.
Bases aren't done yet (they are magnetized!), they will be done at the same time. Going to make this post short, must get on the other four!
To see the first post on these guys go here. And I have to give props to Ron for his tutorial and great-looking Flesh Tearers that he is doing, both inspiring and insightful.
That's it for today, until next round...


Fleash Tearers - First Squad

The first five of the Flesh Tearer commission is table-ready, although there are some question marks still...
The intent was to match the bases of the marines with the genestealers already painted (not by me, they belong here.) I think they match quite well, the Flesh Tearers have entered the Space Hulk...
A squad shot...
The sarge and a chum (with plain black chainsword). The wings were changed from black to gold, to make them stand out, especially with the brass etched details.
I added a bit of gold to the jump packs.
Glowy hand of doom!
And the other two...(one with hazard stripes, does it add the 'right' color or is it distracting?)
Well, that is them for now,
until next round...


Fleash Tearer - Test Run

The box came in yesterday, full of Flesh Tearers. This is the test model for the color scheme, your thoughts?
Almost all of the marines came assembled with nifty bases. But the best part is, the terminators from the Space Hulk box are on the menu!
Until next round, be well.


Wraith Engine - Vive la Morte!

Alright blogosphere, here's your Wraith Engine update. He is getting closer to being finished, almost there...
Yup, I am going with an orange glow instead of green. Believe me, I am a fan of the necrofire, but I decided on a machinations of Hell feel. It feels more "Nightmare Empire" to me.
Here's a shot of the back, his spine looks much better with metal screws! There is still much brass and red to do, as well as the base. Stay tuned...
Until next round, be well.


Wraith Engine - Give the guy some bone

Ever notice how happy the undead are? That big cheery grin, the dance-club poses. Just proves that having a soul is overrated.
The Wraith Engine got his bones done, and his arms were brought to the same level as the rest of him. There is still a lot of iron and brass to do yet, but first the hellfire-glow.
.............words go here..............
Yeah, not much to say, but at least there are some pretty pictures!
Until next round, be well...


Wraith Engine - Progress

I need a coffee maker with a soul. It has been a couple of months since Icarus died, and I think the cheap replacement just kicked it. In order to serve me well, a coffee maker must be able to brew 2-5 pots per day, and not be found wanting.
The Cryxian death-machine is moving along. Sadly, a cold has forced my painting to a crawl...but I is getting better! The next color is the bone peices, also, I pinned the arms (not glued yet..) Wraith Engines don't howl as loud when they have paint on them ;)
That's it for now, until next round...


Wraith Engine - Underparts

You can't see it, but the bits under the Wraith Engine's ribs are done. (You can't see it because my camera is not as awesome as this model). Painting is a little slow, but I am taking my time (and "work" keeps getting in the way).
This is a piece of art in my house. It is painted by me during Camp Awesome: Cabin Edition, and is titled "Continuation". Off topic, but it will happen more often...
I must apologize, I called the rules "meh" in my last post, that was a bit hasty. After reading this post on BoLS, I decided to re-think my thoughts. The main thing that comes up is soul-harvesting, it will be hard to share when there is few on the table. Not having to use focus (right?) is really nice, for guys like Asphixious, makes me want to pair it with a seether...
Next stage is the black-blue armor plates...until then, be well.


Wraith Engine - Painting Begins

He will be done in sections, so my head doesn't explode. I'm going to start with the under-bits and tail first.
He's so cuddly!
Got around to looking at the stat card while waiting for putty to dry, the rules are meh, at first glance. Lower damage, Def and Arm than many other helljacks, add a buff to incorporeal things. I guess the redeeming factor is that it cannot be damaged like 'jacks can. IMO
And here's a size comparison, yeah he's a big one...
Until next round....

Wraith Engine - Before the Primer

As soon as the putty dries, painting will begin. Many of the cracks were in very deep recesses, which were annoying to get to.
The arms will be attached after painting, that way I will be able to get his under-parts. His arms are not too heavy, and hopefully using just p3 glue will work (it has with everything else...) I did bend the fingers, one is pointing at his next lunch, and posed them in that creepy undead crookedness.
And since I had putty left over, I put some flames on the prototype focus point marker.

Until next round, be well.

Wraith Engine - "Miniature"?

This thing is freaking huge, but it builds easy. I cannot stress enough how much frustration was saved giving the model a bath.
Almost everything fit with a bit of filing here and there, and nearly all of the mold lines easy to get at (even the large shoulder vents). The only parts that gave me a problem were the shoulder tubes, they didn't line up at all. The resin has a bit of give, and I had to hold each piece for a couple of minutes to get them to bend and stay that way.
I can't help but think; Fester went transmetal! (I like creepy snake-things, whats wrong with that!?)
Time to fill some small gaps and prep the arms (the lucky guy might even get a head too!)
Until next time, be well. (...and beware of soul-powered killing machines ;)