Wraith Engine - "Miniature"?

This thing is freaking huge, but it builds easy. I cannot stress enough how much frustration was saved giving the model a bath.
Almost everything fit with a bit of filing here and there, and nearly all of the mold lines easy to get at (even the large shoulder vents). The only parts that gave me a problem were the shoulder tubes, they didn't line up at all. The resin has a bit of give, and I had to hold each piece for a couple of minutes to get them to bend and stay that way.
I can't help but think; Fester went transmetal! (I like creepy snake-things, whats wrong with that!?)
Time to fill some small gaps and prep the arms (the lucky guy might even get a head too!)
Until next time, be well. (...and beware of soul-powered killing machines ;)
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