Cyriss - Machine Core

 Having jumped into Warmachine with both feet, and becoming a Press Ganger (a PP volunteer and event organizer), it is time to collect ALL the factions.  At the very least, I am aiming to have all the battlegroups.  When it is demo time, I will have a wide range of forces to try out.  I already have Cryx and Cygnar, so was time to finish up the other 'c'; Convergence of Cyriss.
 This faction is all about the superiority of the machine.  With their leaders conversing in some kind of binary with a comet named Cyriss, the Convergence aims to make the world a more orderly and clockwork place.
 They also like to use big technical words.
 These guys (and all my other batllegroups) will be tearing it up all weekend at GottaCon.  If you are going to be there and haven't experienced the awesome of Warmachine, find me near the Iron Arena and I can introduce you.

 Until next round....
....be well.