Cygnar - As Played by Bruce Campbell

 My Cygnar army has a theme; lots of guns.  So it was obvious that I would go with Caine as my primary 'caster.  In his background, he is portrayed as the most shady and independent warcaster in the kingdom, which suits me fine.  After a few games with the Lt. it was hard to use any other Cygnar 'caster, he is pretty solid.  I'm looking forward to picking up his epic version, just for gunfighter if nothing else.
 I would like to see a live-action Warmachine movie, and I think the talented Bruce would be an obvious choice for Caine.
Until next round, be well.


Cryx - Bodyguard

 Ogrun bokurs are pretty useful, especially for Cryx, since they bring to the table a couple things they lack in-faction.  These being shield guard and focus-free hitting power.  It is likely that this guy will be following Hellbringer around.
Until next round, be well.


Khador - Artillery

 The "dirty Khadorians" have a couple of these in the list.  So many winterguard...
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Cryx - Banes!!

 Here is another staple in most Cryx forces; banes.  This guy, Bane Lord Tartarus, is the character solo with the nasty little habit of bringing more thralls to the field as he kills things.  I often just shoot him from afar.
 And you can't really run Tartar(Sauce) without a mob of bane thralls.
Until next round, be well.


Space Wolves - Lord of Wolves

 Every so often I get the chance to paint up a Forge World mini, and it is definitely something to look forward to.  In this case it is a terminator Wolf Lord with some pretty awesome armour.
 This mini was converted by the client, with some weapon and head swaps and some added bitz.  I really like the fact that some action was conveyed in the pose (those older, static, terminators were boring).  Definitely looks like he is giving someone a good shield bash.
 I am really enjoying the "Emperor's Executioners".  It is a chapter packed with details which make each marine an individual with each marine's armour telling some of the warrior's story (and the Norse-feel helps too).
Until next round, be well.


Menoth - Now With Reach

 This guy obviously answered one of those emails and got his sword extended.  I hear it only took some plasticard and putty.
 This sculpt was interesting.  Lots of details and such, but with a very static pose.  Also, compared to the other character heavy 'jacks (and beasts) of his age, he is kind of tiny.
 (You know what this blog need?  More posts....)
Until next round, be well.