Trolls - One Eyed Gunslinger

 I will have to admit, I picked up Jarl purely because he uses two pistols.  (If you follow this blog you might have noticed my affection towards such things.)  This troll is my third trollkin warlock, and the first to wear a green tartan.
 I used his coat as a canvass to try out working with shading.  I only used one paint, rucksack (p3), which was used between multiple washes.  I like the effect that came out.
 Jarl was an easy model to paint, due to being a really fun sculpt and packed with details.  There are still a few trolls to come (and they are going to get big...)
Keep painting....until next round!


The Unkind - Dr. Master

 This was an interesting and anticipated addition to the cult.  At first, I was really liking the new Urien sculpt, having had the old one.  Then I realized it was in finecast, so I first picked up the other doctor to see how the materiel was.  I'm not going to lie, I hate the feel of finecast and would rather work with almost any other medium, but I had very few troubles with this guy.  Perhaps it was due to our previous partnership, or that I waited long enough for them to iron out the casting issues, or both.
 I plan to return to the cloak with some freehand...eventually.
 I haven't posted much, and the finished minis are piling up (Urien was finished months ago...) but I am going to try to get the others up soon.
Until next round....


High Elves - Bolt Throwers

 Just a quick one today, a couple of elven bolt throwers.
Until next round.....


Grey Knights - First Squad

 The lack of posts of late have been due to yet another bout of progress! This is the first squad of Grey Knights in a small commission I recently acquired.
 The small strike force arrived in some bad shape, only the terminators were unharmed.  The mission is to make these loyal marines tabletop ready, a "standard" paintjob.
 I was requested to make the blades red, so I thought that a reversal with the traditional blues would would acceptable.
 I think that they turned out decent!
Until next round, be well.


Witch Hunters - Some Heavy Guns

Next along the shelf is the first retribution squad, the smaller of the two.  This squad was assembled from the spare sisters I had after filling my other units, which is why there are only three heavy weapons.
 This squad is often standing watch over the Exorcist, defending it from powerfists and meltabombs.
 Mixed with an act of faith, these girls are a pretty good at killing infantry but are often martyred.  At least they usually make their points back.
 I do miss the days when retributers could have heavy flamers (and an immolator).

Until next round...
Keep painting!


High Elves - Prototype

 It is another beginning in Ricalopia.  The beginning of a new commission!  The army: High Elves.  These are the first prototypes, which the client is happy with, which the rest of the army will be based on.  He wanted a standard "army book" scheme, to a tabletop standard, but with orange instead of blue.  I convinced him to keep some blue, in the metals and gems, to counterpoint the orange and gold.  I think it worked out pretty decent.
There is much work ahead of me, and a few backlogged posts to put up, until next round!!