The Unkind - Dr. Master

 This was an interesting and anticipated addition to the cult.  At first, I was really liking the new Urien sculpt, having had the old one.  Then I realized it was in finecast, so I first picked up the other doctor to see how the materiel was.  I'm not going to lie, I hate the feel of finecast and would rather work with almost any other medium, but I had very few troubles with this guy.  Perhaps it was due to our previous partnership, or that I waited long enough for them to iron out the casting issues, or both.
 I plan to return to the cloak with some freehand...eventually.
 I haven't posted much, and the finished minis are piling up (Urien was finished months ago...) but I am going to try to get the others up soon.
Until next round....
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