A Day in the Life of Adept Majoris Phoboes

Due to the increased activity of eldar forces south of Hive Tempestus, Adept Majoris Phoboes and Primaris Atrios are sent to investigate, and possibly shut down, the warp disturbances originating from the area. Deploying the 609th on a wide perimeter, they set to work.
The Choir was restless and complaining, worrying themselves about marines. Artois knew the chapter they spoke of, specifically their librarian Dragger. They were loyalists, but there were rumors of heresy, but with all the chaos traffic who could be sure? And there was the part about being surrounded by wraithbone, even he could feel it's energy. It felt as though it was alive and growing, thinking, around them.
As Phoboes tested the structures with the Mechanicus tech at is disposal, Artios sent him a warning regarding Dragger. The psyker knew that a librarian like Dragger would likely attempt to use the xenos structures, because that is what he would do in the marine's place.
The Choir began to probe the wraithbone with their minds. It resisted, only showing them a single shard of the future, simply that chaos was approaching. As Artios ordered them to cease, contacts reports were beginning to come in from Zero and Recon Squadrons. Adept Phoboes called their defensive line tighter.

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