Celyne - Warwitch Siren

Here is another mini I finished up last weekend, Celyne. Named after an awesome nWo victim, she has already caused some mischief on the battlefield in yesterday's game against Mr. Terrible's Khador scum. Game-wise, she is a great addition to an Iron Lich's bag'o'tricks.
I am not 100% happy with the paintjob, and there is a nagging voice telling me to glue a screw to the base, but she is "table ready". Or it might just be the pictures. I will endeavor to go back to her, when the projects quiet down...
Until next round, be well.


Yo Dawg!

I noticed something really cool today that made me a very happy gamer; Ricalopia has 150 minions! I really have to thank all you readers for dropping in and taking a look around, your views keep this little blog going. It has been a little over two years since my first post, and since then I have found the blogosphere an essential tool in my hobby arsenal full of some amazing hobbyists.
Since I started Ricalopia, the Ricalopians group on fb has been updating those who live there and providing a good way to set up games at the Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole grew itself a blog, logging all the battles, events and odd projects that go on around here (with multiple authors for added fun). I really didn't think it would get this big, and I didn't dream I would be doing commissions...
So, when it all gets boiled down, thanks guys and girls for dropping by and taking a look, you all have impeccable taste!
Oh yeah, and I finished off a couple of warhounds. One is from Reaper (the one with three heads), and the other is an ancient lead-based beastie. Cute aren't they?

Until next round, be well.


Sat 7 - Number Fifteen and Sixteen

Last week I was burning up, so this week I am doubling up! These weeks there were a bunch of things that caught my eye, and here they are;

-Corbania's Field Ambulance Squadron.
-Some lasgun conversions from AJ's Gaming World.
-Some Massive Voodoo, the Arkvenger.
-Rictus has been going to town on some killa cans.
-Over at Winterdyne the Hordes diorama is done (and looks great).
-The Magnificent Bastards show off a mining drill.
-Zen 40,000 has one hell of a Slaughtermaster.
-Rust and the City has been working on some renegades, and they are looking awesome!
-Daughter of the Emperor finished up a sweet steampunk picnic.
-DFG shows us CVinton's contemptor (I feel sorry for the Thousand Sons...)
-Wulfweb's clockwork planet idea is so getting stolen!
-And a Fey Hunter from those Magnificent Bastards.

That concludes the Sat 7 for this week, there is some really awesome stuff in there!

What am I reading, (which will show up here often):
Alistair Reynolds - Pushing Ice.
I have read a bunch of his other books and I can't say enough good things about him. I just started this one, which takes place outside his standard timeline, much closer to our age (most of the others take place in the further future). Reynolds writes some of the best SF I have ever seen, highly recommended!

Until next round, be well.


Flesh Tearers - Land Raider Crusader

After a long wait, the land raider crusader is finished. I think it turned out well.
I love painting tanks, but this guy took more time than normal. It wasn't the model itself, it is just that I don't paint commissions when I am sick, especially with a fever. But once the fever broke...
This is the first of two, the second will be for the death company, this one is for those terminators (which are currently on the project table).
The sponsons are glued in, but not the other hatches/guns, for easy transport and aiming.
I got to say, weathering is way too much fun to do!
Until next round, be well.


Gorhlath, my new Beastman Shaman

A beastman army devoted to the god of magic always needs more shamans, and I just happened to have this really old beastman lying around. Due to his antiquity he had to be a shaman. So I cut off the blade and gave him some bitz and smacked him around with a brush.
He will get some brown grass soon, along with the rest of the batch of finished models from the weekend. (The quest to clear the Shelf of Shame is progressing well!)

Until next round,be well.


A Dead Couch and Broadsides

That couch was huge, heavy and uncomfortable. So I butchered it with a hammer Samalander helped), complete obliteration.
And that is why there wasn't much hobby done, but life is back to 'normal' around here now (albeit with more space!) Now on to pictures of models....
My first two broadsides got themselves finished last week, along with a couple of shield drones for back-up. This is Camo Team, which is still waiting for Camo Leader to get bought and converted.
I have to say, I love painting tau! Smooth lines, some nice sharp angles, and a distinct space/military feel make this army easy on the eyes.
Here is a shot of the gun. The thingy on top is a recoil dampener, not certain it is needed, but looks the part.
They are both upgraded with the thing that allows them to fire both guns, more shooty the better!
The gun drones are an all plastic, simple conversion. A couple of field emitters (pulse rifles) replacing the guns.
I think it gives them the same feel as the "dragonflies" that were causing such a fuss down in California.
And.....the other one!
I liked the swept-back look to the missile launchers, in fact, I tried to copy the forge world design as much as I could. Cause it looks cool and I never took to the shoulder-mounted guns (not gundam enough).
Now the dust has settled, it is back on the brush!
Until next round, keep painting, and be well!


Sat 7 - Number Fourteen

There was a delay, the Rabbit Hole was being remodeled! Which means more light and less couch. So here are those seven things I noticed last week!

-Heresy Workshop's Lexandro is finished!
-Black Dagger has completed a Nurgle Lord.
-I really like Grim Angus from Winterdyne.
-Feralique shows off a sweet Eden mini.
-Massive Voodoo does some tau.
-Some awesome snipers from 42nd Cadain.
-And, Heresy Workshop again, with Angron!

And now that the couch has been banished, time to get back on it! Until next round, aim high, keep painting, and be well.


Black Dragon WIP

Like the land raider, the black dragon does not fit in the photochamber which is why these pics aren't that great. But, bad pics or not, the black dragon deserves an update.
For the skin, I began with a dark turquoise and brought it up with a final of camo green. It still needs a black wash, but I hope it gives it a 'lizardy' feel.
The pointy scales were done in the same purple as the throne and dreadlord, to tie them together. His gums and tongue were done in a much lighter, fleshy, purple.
The one catch, so far, is the horns. I have a couple of ideas, though I would run them past the blogosphere:
-Dark brown, lighter at the tips.
-Bone, like the skulls on the riders.
-Midnight blue, to bridge the existing colors.
Comments appreciated! Be well, and keep painting!


Sat 7 - Number Thirteen

Good morrow warlords, pirates and unicorns! Here is this week's Saturday 7.

-The GunGrave is building an aqueduct, nice.
-A scavanger from Independent Painters (I gotta get me one...)
-The Cult of Khaine shows us a champion of Khorne.
-Sheep's first post, (I am liking the IG army shot, and the stormraven conversion!)
-Some plague marines from The Grim Darkness.
-Black Dagger has this...gross in a good way!
-A very nice contemptor painted by Garfy.

Keep painting, convert often!


Flesh Tearers - Crusader WIP

This land raider crusader has been dwelling on the project table for a while, but it is creeping towards completion with only a few bits left to do.
I divided the color with the sawblade motif, (which I saw somewhere on the interweb, if that was yours, nice work!) With the second crusader, the front edge of the blade will be completed (in theory).
The weapons have hazard stripes, but I am wondering where to place them on the sponsons (the outer edge or inner part?) I am thinking the outer edge....
Sorry about the cruddy pics, a land raider doesn't fit in the photochamber apparently...
Until next round, be well.