Yo Dawg!

I noticed something really cool today that made me a very happy gamer; Ricalopia has 150 minions! I really have to thank all you readers for dropping in and taking a look around, your views keep this little blog going. It has been a little over two years since my first post, and since then I have found the blogosphere an essential tool in my hobby arsenal full of some amazing hobbyists.
Since I started Ricalopia, the Ricalopians group on fb has been updating those who live there and providing a good way to set up games at the Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole grew itself a blog, logging all the battles, events and odd projects that go on around here (with multiple authors for added fun). I really didn't think it would get this big, and I didn't dream I would be doing commissions...
So, when it all gets boiled down, thanks guys and girls for dropping by and taking a look, you all have impeccable taste!
Oh yeah, and I finished off a couple of warhounds. One is from Reaper (the one with three heads), and the other is an ancient lead-based beastie. Cute aren't they?

Until next round, be well.
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