Black Dragon WIP

Like the land raider, the black dragon does not fit in the photochamber which is why these pics aren't that great. But, bad pics or not, the black dragon deserves an update.
For the skin, I began with a dark turquoise and brought it up with a final of camo green. It still needs a black wash, but I hope it gives it a 'lizardy' feel.
The pointy scales were done in the same purple as the throne and dreadlord, to tie them together. His gums and tongue were done in a much lighter, fleshy, purple.
The one catch, so far, is the horns. I have a couple of ideas, though I would run them past the blogosphere:
-Dark brown, lighter at the tips.
-Bone, like the skulls on the riders.
-Midnight blue, to bridge the existing colors.
Comments appreciated! Be well, and keep painting!
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