Warp Wednesday 28: Rabbit Thoughts

Welcome to Wednesday! Lets take a look at what is going on around here, things have been shaking in the Grimdark future these days. Finecast, Grey, Blood, Wolves, not-nice eldar, and no "Summer of Fliers" (unless you read a WD lately). Haven't touched Finecast, seen a few nightmares, how is that quality control doing? Those SMurfs...not a marine player. Not-nice eldar were refreshing, with a nice 'dex and even better models, IMO. Would have been nice to have gotten a plastic hydra kit or a nightwing....
I also heard some such thing as "codex creep" (which makes me picture a skinny dude in the corner metagaming and reading rules), that apparently describes the phenomena of newer books being better than the older ones. (Keep in mind my Daemonhunters are now unusable and Sisters...well.) The codex is one part of the formula for a great game, not the whole part. Consider tactics; terrain, placement, movement and the like. Importantly; attitude (we ARE playing with toys here).

Witch Hunters bring me to this point, my opponents mortally fear the black codex of doom. I use tokens to track faith points and vary the list with Inquisitors or the Priesthood. Although not as varied as my other forces, one of my favorites. So, a WD codex, virtually no improvements and some nerfing. Where is the Redeemer? (I dare you to try and keep the Sisterhood away from flame cannons). Sadly, the girls will be shelved until a real codex comes out, I just can't.....
So I am going to work on my Radical Inquisition force and rules, unless GW does the only thing that can save the Inquisition: their own codex. Think of it, Codex: Inquisition, with the three ordos, mercenary xenos, psychic choirs and unbound daemonhosts. Radical dude!

Until next round, be well.


Team Green

The second fire warrior team is 'finished'. With such a simple/basic color scheme, these guys were pretty easy to do. As with each team, the secondary color is different, while the rest is uniform.
As I was painting, the conundrum of weathering came to mind. I think I am against dusting effects, as they don't really apply to the basing scheme. Chipping is an option, but I don't want any metallics, so perhaps bone underneath the paint? The chipped effect would only apply to suits and vehicles....suggestions?
The yellow ties the entire force together when multiple teams are together, sorry, no pics of that yet...
Well, back to painting...until next round.


Hand Me a Wench: Episode 4

It's been a while, but I got back on the wenches...that didn't come out right...
Either way, I finished their hair, wood and bone. Also, the command group got some turquoise to set them apart.
It is a nice break to work on a plethora of different models from different manufactures.
Next stage is the metallics, pirates need lots of gold.
Yeah, I know, purple isn't a 'pirate' color, but they are going to be part of a purple force (for a purple person).
These ladies will be hanging out on the project table until they are done, which might be soon. Of late, I have three projects on the table (2 commissions, 1 of mine) and I cycle through them. It keeps my hobby-add in check.

Until next round...be well and listen to Army of the Universe.


Sat 7 - Number Four

Without much intro, here we go...

-DFG posted some good advice about casting.
-Kevin has finished a nice-looking eAsphixious.
-This one is hard to explain......Wamammoth, check. Bugs, check. WTF, check.
-Inquisition, from Legion of Plastic (a new blog to my list).
-Another new blog, to my list. Why? Deff Choppas.
-Fabrice Tan has some really nice renegade tanks, mmmmm tanks.....
-The most amazing diorama I have ever seen. The Return of the Warlord.

happy reading, until next round....


Warp Wednesday 27: Odin Sigma-r37

Getting to know the 609th, the priesthood of the Machine God. The combat-ready maniple known as Odin Sigma-r37 (or Gear-heads to the troops) stand ready to lend the 609th Armour a hand (and servo).
Magos-primaris Diemos maintains all the command codes for the maniple and oversees the well-being of the super heavies. Diemos is seconded by the Inquisition to maintain the health of their land raiders.
Odin Primary's forges are renowned for the quantity and quality of the heavy armour they supply throughout Segmentum Obscurrus, supplying to such chapters as the Flesh Tearers as well as the Inquisition.
Accompanying Diemos are servitors of varying ages, acquired or replaced during his long service record.
Of late, Diemos has been taken to the more aggressive servitor models and riding in the Gorgon super-heavy when his presence is required on the battlefield.
Eldest of Sigma-r37 is Magos Teej, chief of the 609th's motorpool. Such designs as the Mk I-IX 'cityfight' chimera, the MK II-VI 'Odin-alfa' leman russ hull and Mk I-V Hurricane bolters are attributed to his research coven.
Teej views the battlefield as the testing lab for the newest upgrade. The servitors that he brings with him consist of heavy energy weapons and an array of technical servitors.
During the Phasian War, Teej has also taken the OPDF's warmachines under his care. The venerable machines of the defense force have never run better.
Adept Phoboes represents the Cybernetica arm of Odin's preisthood. He designs and maintains the servitors required to preform the 609th's labors. These servitors are spread across the army, from the ships in orbit to the gunners wired into their weapons. Adept Phoboes interacts the most with the Medicae, albeit morbidly.
His personal servitors are all elder models which have been constantly modified on all levels. He prefers to maintain two heavy bolter gunners at all times, to 'delete errors.'
His experiments include controlled mutation, ogryn-modification and the Penance Engine (an engine that consumes half the fuel when supplemented by te agony of an interred heretic).
"Come play with Dolly!" This phrase is often heard being bellowed by Alt-Ogre-Ultima as it leads its fellow ogryn-servitors into battle. The modified creatures have proven to be much more transportable and controllable once the small amount of frontal lobe was replaced.
The ogryn-servitors are used as a solid defense 'plug'. When the armour is threatened, the brutes are sent in to smash the attackers and fill the gap. They can often be found accompanying Diemos in the Gorgon.
And, the obligatory daemon-bunny picture!

Until next round, be well.


Sat 7 - Number Three

Welcome to the third Saturday 7! There's some good stuff in here...

-Marauders from the Madhouse, definitely some great ideas in there...
-Camelson has an awesome orc slaver.
-Some greenstuffing from Huron.
-I don't normally like Nobs, but these guys are cool.
-Hellions!!! in the Eye of Error.
-Miniature Tim is a recent addition to my blogroll, here's why.

See you next round!


Wraith Engine - Completion!

Here he is, all painted and ready to claw his way through everything in front of him. There was a lot of him to paint, but it was both enjoyable and rewarding! Having a soul-powered-killing-machine is so worth all those weird angles.
He has been named; Wraith Nikodemius Gene, or Gene for short. (No, my iron lich does not have a knack for original names.)
The tubes are my favorite part, they seem to look almost organic.
It is a lot of base to deal with too. It was a similar experience as painting any other really large monster, plus a healthy dose of necromachanics. Althuogh I like the traditional Cryx scheme, I prefer a hell-spawned/steampunk feel, and I think the blue/black and brass bring it out.
Your thoughts? I would like to hear them.
Until next round, be well (and beware of soul-powered-killing-machines!)


Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - The First Five

Five down, seven to go, and loving every minute of it! I must say, the bases are a great touch (being packed with stuff, and magnetized!)
Ah, the pointing guy, the first termie to get paint...

A powerfister, the most recently finished.

Mr. Thunderhammer. So far, he's a fan favorite.

I added some hazard stripes to the bases, heavily weathered. I think it helps tie them together but doesn't overwhelm.

Assault cannon guy got some hazard stripes too, sometimes I can't resist.
I hope you like, and thanks for looking. Until next round....be well.

Wraith Engine and a Photo Chamber

Almost there, the wraith engine nears completion. It is a beast, with many odd angles, but so far it has been a ton of fun to paint.
All that is left are the rags (which I don't quite understand why they are there) and the base.
I also built a completely free Photo Chamber! Yay for better picture quality!
Most of the idea came from Massive Voodoo's lightbox tutorial. Thanks guys!
I grabbed a white bucket, cut a hole in the front. Put the bucket on a clear binder (with a piece of paper inside) and placed a light behind/above the whole thing.
The white bucket diffuses the light, sending it everywhere and reducing shadows, making the entire inside glow. I might pick up a second light (to place one on either side) but I think this is good for now.
Using a bucket has another bonus; storage. To put it away, the binder blocks the hole and the light fits inside, genius!
Until next round, be well.