Wraith Engine and a Photo Chamber

Almost there, the wraith engine nears completion. It is a beast, with many odd angles, but so far it has been a ton of fun to paint.
All that is left are the rags (which I don't quite understand why they are there) and the base.
I also built a completely free Photo Chamber! Yay for better picture quality!
Most of the idea came from Massive Voodoo's lightbox tutorial. Thanks guys!
I grabbed a white bucket, cut a hole in the front. Put the bucket on a clear binder (with a piece of paper inside) and placed a light behind/above the whole thing.
The white bucket diffuses the light, sending it everywhere and reducing shadows, making the entire inside glow. I might pick up a second light (to place one on either side) but I think this is good for now.
Using a bucket has another bonus; storage. To put it away, the binder blocks the hole and the light fits inside, genius!
Until next round, be well.

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