Hand Me a Wench: Episode 4

It's been a while, but I got back on the wenches...that didn't come out right...
Either way, I finished their hair, wood and bone. Also, the command group got some turquoise to set them apart.
It is a nice break to work on a plethora of different models from different manufactures.
Next stage is the metallics, pirates need lots of gold.
Yeah, I know, purple isn't a 'pirate' color, but they are going to be part of a purple force (for a purple person).
These ladies will be hanging out on the project table until they are done, which might be soon. Of late, I have three projects on the table (2 commissions, 1 of mine) and I cycle through them. It keeps my hobby-add in check.

Until next round...be well and listen to Army of the Universe.
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