Ninja Terrain

No, I haven't gone over to chaos, at least not completely...yet....
It just happens that a good associate over at the Ninja Den is holding an event. Ricalopia is happy to support such petty feuding!
So, over the past week, there has been much terraforming in the Rabbit Hole. Some pieces, like the big rocks in the middle and the grey hills, are built and painted by the aforementioned ninja. The rest was a morning of hot glue, plasticard and styrofoam.
Now the Ninja Den has a battlefield, (and nobody saw it coming...)



The Phasian War - Imperial Command (1)

Deep within the sanctums of the Inquisition House a small selection of Imperial servants met in the shadows. A single light strained to illuminate the stylized "I" of the Speaker's Stone. A general of the OPDF stood there now with a hand-held holo-projector.
"The attacks have been mainly concentrated on the South-East quarter of the Hive, surely we could take reinforcements from Hive Secondus." He paused to attempt to identify a response but the darkness thwarted him. "Since the first attack on 42 Gamma the Black Legion daemon has been kept at bay." Finished, he stepped from the light.
Lord Inquisitor Kaluha stepped onto the Speaking Stone. "No, we are outnumbered," his gaze fell upon the OPDF general, "if one marine is a hundred guardsmen. There are two legions who oppose us. And let us not forget the daemon world we have a gate to. Although they did attempt to redeem themselves, they are in the company of Peltops and that bastard Dragger."
"From the reports that Pilot had of the ordeal, the Wolfram are heretics if only a step too far." The Palatine of the Daughters of Odin stood in the glow of the Speaking Stone. "That is still a step too far and they must be punished. Although the threat of the xenos will worsen unless burned out." She scanned the shadows, " the Daughters are mobilizing to keep the purity of this planet."
Phoboes, fresh from the Mechanicus medicae, stepped up to speak. "I propose that Lord Inquisitor J Daniels lead the South-Eastern defense quarter, his expertise with the witch and connection with the Daughters will be optimal. 609th units will be deployed to support the main Hive."

And almost as though forgotten, "Edam has confirmed, no ETA."


The Brotherhood of Edam - Asiago

Ancient Asiago was entombed within the sarcophagus of his dreadnought shortly after the Scattering which founded the Brotherhood. Since then, Asiago has been an invaluable asset for Edam, both on the battlefield as well as in the training halls.
Asiago mounts an archaic form of the plasma cannon which uses plasma-cartridge rounds, psycannon rounds can also be loaded when needed.
The nemesis weapon carried by the Ancient was forged from pieces of glass taken from the the Pyrae pyramid. Upon the blade sits his Scarab, one of the few 'true' scarabs of Prospero.
On the machine's chest is mounted a copy of the Book of Enumeriations opposite Asiago's personal heraldry. Pennants such as the twin Water Snakes, Eagle of Ascension, and the Empowered Mind, are essentials for the pyschic safe-keeping of the machine spirit.
Ancient Asiago is of the First Seven, which comprises of the command element of the Brotherhood.


Dais of Doom

As befitting a millennium old seer, my newest farseer stands atop a dais, flinging doom and storm and people.
The planning for this conversion has been on the drawing board for a while now, just needed the final bitz, so it was fast to put together. It fit together auspiciously smoothly, as if it was forseen...
He should be able to give those guardian jetbikes a much needed boost.
As you might have guessed already, the bitz were taken from a high elf chariot, support weapon platform, farseer (sans feet), shining spear antennae, and some extra heavy weapon bitz.
Hope you like him,


Been Sleeping

...but still painting. It seems the painting table is an ever-changing plethora. These three warlocks are the last of the seer council, but now that I have finished these, I want to go back and touch up the others. D'oh, as they say.
magic dudes......magic dudes.....burn you with magic dudes.....
and purple too!
This guy is very serious about stuff...
I bet the fur keeps him warm.
Same pose, real hand!
With a cape!

Until next post, thanks for the look!