The Brotherhood of Edam - Asiago

Ancient Asiago was entombed within the sarcophagus of his dreadnought shortly after the Scattering which founded the Brotherhood. Since then, Asiago has been an invaluable asset for Edam, both on the battlefield as well as in the training halls.
Asiago mounts an archaic form of the plasma cannon which uses plasma-cartridge rounds, psycannon rounds can also be loaded when needed.
The nemesis weapon carried by the Ancient was forged from pieces of glass taken from the the Pyrae pyramid. Upon the blade sits his Scarab, one of the few 'true' scarabs of Prospero.
On the machine's chest is mounted a copy of the Book of Enumeriations opposite Asiago's personal heraldry. Pennants such as the twin Water Snakes, Eagle of Ascension, and the Empowered Mind, are essentials for the pyschic safe-keeping of the machine spirit.
Ancient Asiago is of the First Seven, which comprises of the command element of the Brotherhood.
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