A Day In The Life Of: Lord Commissar Owen (Prologue)

Lord Commissar Owen was more concerned with the recent vox from Imperial High Command than the holo-display. The message was clear, and authorised by an Inquisitorial seal, but it worried him greatly. The Wolfram chapter had been declared traitors to the Imperium, mechanicus scans had affirmed heretec technology, and they were headed this way. It did not concern him that the traitor marines had broken through the PDF line, they ceased to appear on the holo-display minutes ago, what disturbed him was these were previous allies. Months ago, the 609th had defended an outpost from daemonic forces with the Wolfram's support. The battle had been brutal, but with the marine's prowess, the daemons had been forced back. Now they were the enemy.

Owen shifted his attention back to the holo-display, the Wolfram's column was moving into the city's limits, directly towards the sector he and his men defended. Opening a secure vox-channel, the Lord Commissar signaled platoon Ivory for contact. "All squads, Wolfram beckons warp, keep eye closed. Repeat, Wolfram beckons warp. For the Emperor."

Thumbing the activation stud on his belt, Owen bodyguard activates and assembles around him. The six massive servitors escort him towards the battle-line. The vox crackled with contacts sent in by forward recon.

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