A Day In The Life of Brainy

There was this field, you see, with all these yummy chocolate eggs about. So Brainy, the alfa tyranid warrior, set about to collect this rich biomass. He brought with him a bunch of gaunts and Frankie.
There was much buzzing amid the swarms as egg collections began. These were obviously left by some sort of large beast of a lagomorph variety.
The aluminium shells proved to resilient for all but the largest nids to pry open, and soon large collections were trailing each squad.

There were some others, out collecting the same eggs. The Scream Walkers were screaming warcries about Easter, confusing the chocolate-frenzied Slaanesh daemons.
Brainy, who arrived some distance away from the rest of the swarm, made the attempt to journey towards them, slaying deamons all the way.
The Scream Walkers had modified their rhino for the occasion which allowed for greater egg transport.
One cunning tactic the Hive Mind thought up was to booby trap the battlefield with fake eggs. The meatballs took a small toll on the enemies, but was most useful at corralling the enemy.
Brainy and his pals had to plow through some heavy resistance.
The Berserkers were happy collecting eggs, until Frankie came along...

As Brainy and his pals were eating some delightful deamonettes, some huge soulgrinder comes along. They desperately attempt to hold out with no way to harm it.
Frankie did manage to come along and explode the soulgrinder, only Brainy was left from the warrior brood. With enemies on all sides, and the most eggs on the table, it was only a matter of time until they were swamped.

The game we played was a 600 point, three person game. Any model (other than spore mines) was able to grab eggs and all units moved onto the table from a random table edge. The turns were quite simple, with the players who did not go last rolling off to see who would go first or last (with the player who went last going second). We also used the War Without End rule so all non-vehicle, non-monstrous units were put into reserve when they were wiped out.

Good game, Happy Easter,
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