A Day In The Life of Hexonox

Hexonox is my eldest wraithlord. Today, armed with a wraithblade and starcannon, he went hunting.
Spotting Mr. Spikey, he made his way towards the defiler while shooting globs of plasma into some nearby plague marines.
Hexonox and his pals (I`mmortal and The Avatar) finally get into combat with the offending chaos machine. Along his way he had acquired a wound (The Avatar had two) from the torrents of fire attempting to stop their charge.
As one could likely guess, the trio made short work of the defiler, with The Avatar making the killing blow.
Hexonox had to kill something with his wraithblade, and sighted the plague marines as his next target (which were the closest and toughest things around). With unprecedented focus he made his way to the objective.
There was little the marines could do against an enraged wraithlord as he crushed them underfoot after first spraying them with plasma and flames.
The trio held the scoring chaos units back from their objective, as two wraithlords and an avatar are wont to do. A defiler and a unit of plague marines, all in a days work for my wraithlord...

A great game, thanks Scream Walkers,
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