Vets: Step by Step

As promised, here are the stages of constructing 609th drop veterans. The first step would be to prepare the bases for the models to begin with, if using sand I recommend gluing a small piece of plasticard under the foot to avoid quicksand.
To make the grav-chutes, cut a strip of plasticad 1/4 inch thick and get a plastic pole of some kind (like a standard bearer).
Drill a hole in the centre of the pole, then cut off a small bit, each pack will need two of these. Cut the plasticard into squares and 1/8 x 1/4 rectangles, each pack will need one of these.
Attach the guardsmen to their bases,be sure to cut off the tab on the backs of the armour. Glue the plasticard square and rectangle together and drill a hole on either side for exhaust vents.
To make shotguns, I simply went to Cadian 8th`s post and personalized it slightly.

I noticed that the gas masks from the Cadian HQ kit does not allow for any head movement, and after cutting the mask away I found a piece needed for the grav-chute.
Since the ammo crates would not be used, the Aquillas were removed and trimmed, these are thin enough to bend around a shoulder pad without damage.
The grav-chute`s exhaust vents begin as guitar wire, bent into a horseshoe, then cut in half.
These are glued into the holes made earlier in the pack, the bits of pole are then attached to the ends. It is good to keep an eye on the wire, keeping them at the same angle on the pack. When adding the pole bits on the ends, do not push them all the way through (no guitar wire poking out) to keep the hole intact.
I always envision veterans being fully equipped, and since this unit is my demolitions team, they get grenades and meltabombs. The meltabombs are just grenade launcher packs cut thinner.

The whole assembled squad. Once they all were assembled they all got a vent on the top of their packs made from greenstuff, the demolition charge also got a dial and buttons. Next is to throw a bit of sand on their bases and get them primed...and the Valkyrie.

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