Vets, A Pilot and Some Missiles

Jumping projects again, this time the veterans have seized the table. You might remember these guys from an earlier post, they are the guys who are to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane into hostile territory, not the job I want to have.
To help achieve their aim of blowing up the biggest thing they can, I have equipped one with a demo-charge, and a third meltagun is on its way. I will be posting a step-by-step on two, and (hopefully) entering the last in this month`s Sheffield Irregulars paint-comp (the theme is gunslinger).
This bloke will most likely be used as an objective, as he is the Valkyrie`s wounded pilot.
He was simple, and I am growing quite fond of him...

All these guys still need rivets and putty, but I have decided to do it all in one go (and include it in the next vets` post).
And because I needed to paint something, here is an armoured sentinel with missile launcher.
Until next time, cheers,
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