Vets (not the ones you take your bunny to).

Off I go on another project, a second veteran squad for my 609th. The plan is to deploy them from a Valkyrie, and assassinate the heaviest armour. They will be taking the demolitions doctrine, three meltaguns and a bit of plasma.
For all-roundedness, I am equipping them with shotguns, with a powersword for the sgt. The shotguns are inspired by the talented Cadian 8th from his tutorial on shotguns.
As they will be jumping out of airplanes, each of them will also be equipped with a grav-chute and respirator. I still have some greenstuffing to do on the grav-chute and knee-pads, as well as the other six to do, they might end up as a tutorial sometime soon.
Thanks for looking, your thoughts?
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