I Survived GottaCon

I have returned from GottaCon and awakened from my rejuvenating coma. The weekend was an amazing success. The Rabbit Hole provided six tables of terrain for the Warhammer 40k tournament (three tables of city! I didn't know I had that much!)
The Friday began with an Apocalypse game starring some awesome models.
There were so many Imperials that some had defected.
The evil forces were bolstered by an ork stompa, the primary target for my vanquisher squadron, but the dice gods were fickle...
Space wolf scouts had decided to throw melta bombs at my tanks, leaving me with a single vanquisher with no cannon (...and my baneblade) while a horde of daemons came by at some point and slaughtered the dark angels beside me.
One of the many awesome armies, this one was one of my favourates, a mechanicus force all with binary names and army roster.
My first game was against an opponet I had not played in two years.

It was a bitter fight on the battlefeild, and a little bumpy as we got into the wargaming groove first thing in the morning.

Throughout the tournament my table would be visited by camera-drones with flares, this only inspired my troops to further feats of glory.
This game was a good one, as all my games were that weekend, with great opponents playing for the fun of the game.

One of the best parts about the weekend was playing on different terrain, although my guardsmen were very out-of-place in the jungle.

There were a few Guard players there, so fighting then was inevitable. Those battles are always bloody, I call them Fourhammer games.
I had picked my army as per the "Rule of Cool", which meant that I lost and drew my games, but it was worth it. I placed third in the best in show category and I am very happy with that, Bryce Jensen deserved the win (possibly the best eldar army I have ever seen).
Possibly the best game I played was against a pre-heresy World Eaters army led by Karn.
My opponent and I experienced some of the strangest luck with die-rolls resulting in strange things...
Almost half of his vehicles had immobilized themselves on terrain, the land raider on the first turn, all of which I failed to destroy.
It took place on one of the most interesting city fight table with this factory building in the center.
The World Eaters ended up doing what they do best, kill their way through my troops to the objectives, I lost horribly.
The highlight of the entire tournament was the shoot-out between my veteran squad and his chosen. Each squad was equipped with as much plasma as they could carry, and once out of their vehicles, started a firefight in the middle of the street. With no cover between them, plasma, las and bolter rounds ripped apart both squads, neither of them assaulting across the three inches between them. Finally there was one member of each squad, each with a plasmagun, firing at point blank range for two rounds. Finally, Gary scored a wounding hit on the marine as his gun exploded in his hands! I love plasma!

Every so often I would go and see what was happening on Oden Prime, it was odd (yet really cool) seeing battles wage on my terrain and not having a single model upon them.
I have to thank Paul Puhallo for organizing and running this tournament, it was one of the best I have played in so far. All the players I met were great opponents, making the weekend drip with awesomeness.
I must apologise for any blurryness of the photos, the entire weekend was a sleep-deprived caffine-rich gaming binge and at some point I forgot where the camera went!

Well, until the next one,
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