Oden Primary: Tempestus

The Imperial world of Oden Primary (the main habitable world in the Odin System) has been at war for more than a century. Between the great factory-hives lies a desolate and scarred wasteland. The planet`s only remaining forests circle the equator, this dense hyper-tropic jungle is known as the Belt. There are four main hives on Odin; Tempestus, Vaust, Chemrol, and the ork-contested Rendus. The hives of Vaust and Tempestus are home to most of the world`s tank manufactoriums, and are ranked as high priority by the Munitorium.
Tempestus, for unknown reasons, has been relatively untouched by war with the exception of a few xenos raids. Its bastions are intact and PDF untested in battle. To the north is the fuel producing Hive Rendus, and to the south lies the jungles of the Belt. Of late, reports from Rendus have been scattered, and recently the hive was completely cut off to all communications. Recon patrols have reported warp related disturbances near pre-crusade ruins in the Belt. The Ordo Malleus and The Daughters of Odin have been notified of these troubles.
South-eastward of Tempestus, mechanicus priests have begun unearthing what they believe to be eldar ruins. They were first alerted by seemingly random energy flares in the region and set to investigate. Once established, the research faculty has been attacked by the xenos as well as daemonic forces repeatedly. A regiment of PDF has been sent to establish a garrison.

Unknown to the six billion civilians of Tempestus, war is coming. Waaagh ryan approached from the broken hive Rendus, and the Scream Walkers chaos marines strike from the south. The eldar presence if keenly felt, hunting daemon and human alike. Convoys of 609th armour have been sent by Inquisitorial high command. Outside the hive tales of things that stalk the night, and viral quarantines circle each other.
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