Stabbed in the Paint Pots

I went down to my local hobby store the other day as I am wont to do, and was informed that it would soon be operated by a single employee. Apart from only being open five days a week, this will effectively kill any usefulness the store brings to the hobby.

My local Games Workshop is now useless.

I beg to ask; how can a single staff (regardless of shirt color) sell product, give hobby and game advice, run their "Academy" program, have lunch, control unsupervised-game-store-kid, host game nights, and introduce people into the hobby? Simple: it becomes a space marine vending machine.

I used to wear the Red Shirt, and it was one of the most enjoyable jobs I have had, but I would not want to wear one now. This hobby is not something that your average person needs, it is expensive, both in time and money, and is not essential or "one of a kind". It takes some persuasion, cool looking models and intro-games to win over most of the potential hobbyists out there. A big part of the value was the assistance the staff was willing to provide, without that this game feels more expensive.

Over the last while we have all weathered the price increases, almost as a necessary evil. Then they *&$#ed the Bitz Order, and I am still angry about that. And now they nerf my hobby store!? W T F

Cryx...I picked up Warmachine Prime in a fit of anger, and dedicated all of my Cryx models back to the Dragonfather's dominion. I will raise The Legion of The Unkind and lay waste to those who oppose me, machine or beast.

Don't get me wrong, I will still play/paint/model Warhammer and 40k, I do love the armies I have (and there are many models to finish yet). But I will no-longer support the store (until the issue is resolved). I will instead be ordering from other manufactures and from the online store. >:p

Well that was my rant, turquiose undead?
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