Works in Progress: Fester and The Avatar

...is creeping along...
Meanwhile, The Avatar of Craftworld Apseraph is ready for basing. Most if him is an Anima model I was lucky to find at Skyhaven Games.
I doubt that this a bloody-handed avatar, most likely an incarnation of the Laughing God (or better, Ynnead).
The Avatar is a vessel for the purest feelings of anger and rage for the eldar of Apseraph. It is chosen from the myriad of warrior-statues grown from the wraithbone of the craftworld's core. The warrior-statues grow into maturity while collecting and controlling emotions of anger.
In times of war, a farseer will use a collection of spirit-stones from the aspect houses to awaken The Avatar. It is a sorcery much akin to that used upon wraithguard and wraithlords, except that the stones used are consumed by the centuries of hate stored within The Avatar.
And I think it is a neat model.
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