Green Eggs, Hold the Ham...

Here is the freshly slimed egg farm, just another reason to love Easter! (And chocolate, and the bunnies...)
My first Cryx helljack, a Leviathan, is standing. I look forward to painting this monstrosity of necromancy and iron. The legs were a bit tricky, but ensuring that all the pieces are pinned has made it mostly stable, and it doesn't tip!
There is a Seether on order, along with a couple other treats, by that time the Leviathan should have it`s name and a coat of paint (or dust).
Along with the egg farm, I threw some paint at this interesting piece, which was built by one of my regular players. No, the other three pieces from the last egg-post are not even primed yet, although that might happen today....
There are now four steamzombies pestering the other minis in the house (I am at this moment spreading them around the shelves, obviously, with my mind as I am typing).
A top-veiw, just to show how many egg-spore-patches $10 can buy, with a couple extras.
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