A Day In The Life Of: I'mmortal

One of my wraithlords is named I'mmortal, (pictured above), here he is awaiting battle chillin with his homies.
He deploys in the center of the line with the guardians. We are playing an Implacable Advance, with space marines playing as the necrons. He is supported on either side by Dire Avengers in a wave serpent and Shining Spears.
He advances along with the guardians towards the center objective, unconcerned by the roving squads of marines, terminators and scouts. He had spotted the enemy's dreadnought and decided to make it his target.
Three rounds of firing a brightlance and a missile launcher resulted in nothing, so I'mmortal assaulted it. Without a sound he smashed the dread's arm off.
Unfortuantely, the dreadnought caused three wounds to him, so he sat out the rest of the game with the other dead. The dreadnought was blown up the next turn and the game was eventually won on turn seven.
Over on a secluded corner of the board, Ayahuasca and his Striking Scorpions slowly crept up to the devastators who were pouring heavy fire into them. Once in assault, it took four rounds of combat to kill all the marines, Sgt. Savage dying last under diamond bladed chainsaws. Ayahuasca then proceeded to spend two turns striking a pose on the hill (as there was nothing else around).

This was the first of the Battle Missions I was able to play, so far I like this expansion and it was well worth picking up. Also, I have decided to change my battle-report fomat to be "A Day In The Life Of..." which will follow a unit from the very beginning to it's doom.
Thanks for looking,Ricalope.
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