The Swarm So Far

While building Fester I was able to work on a couple of smaller projects at the same time. Any of you who have seen my "in progress" table will know that I have a habit of having a model (or group) "on the build" and "getting painted". [Although often I embark upon a one or two day obsession, which usually consists of a single project and a really messy floor.]
On the list of things finished under the watchful eye of Fester are; nifty hills, 6 meatballs, 5 termagaunts and 4 more wound markers, all of which are in these pictures (funny that...) The hills were a Saturday project which took about 5 hours total, there are five in total (with two bigger ones on the way). The lines in the hills were made by pressing down on the styrofoam with a metal ruler until it was indented up to the cork. With some controlled melting and a bit of drybrushing, I declare them "nifty hills".
Of the meatballs, they were so easy I am not worried that I still have 12 more to do. The feeler tentacles are made from guitar wire, and some putty was added to the tops (and yes they are spore mines...I just like meatballs better.) The wound markers are simply unused guns glued to bases, the devourers are a single wound, stranglers two, and venom cannons three each. Basically, they get taller as they count for more wounds, this way I won't have as many wound markers as I have gaunts.

Well, Fester is demanding arms, and The Avatar wants his sand painted, I better go.
Be well,
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