Infinity - The Morat

 Infinity is a game where I have painted and assembled a few, but never played a game.  I am sure it is only a matter of time since the game has mecha and Akira bikes.
 This is the second batch of Morat troops I have had the pleasure of painting.  (Pictures of the first batch, the newer models, were lost to the death of the other computer.)
 I really like these models  They are done in the same scale as the old metal Malifaux minis, no big hands or oddly sized heads.  Lots of cool sci-fi details with a little feudal bits thrown in.   The entire range is metal, and I hope they start switching to plastic (like Wyrd has.)

 Until next round, be well.


Retribution - The Battlegroup

 The next bettlegroup to tackle is the Retribution, or commonly known as the angry-elf-faction.  For inspiration I took a look through the art, and the black and white art specifically.  I liked the monchrome look, but I wanted some flashes of colour somewhere.
 In the end I went for a muted colour scheme, except for the blues.  Staying away from browns and metallics (I think) helps keep the manga feel of the Warmachine elves.  And being manga elves, the girls all get some bright hair.
 The final effect seems to give a (tolerable) glittery look, more so against a darker background.
 The entire battlgroup is painted to a "tabletop" standard, my quick three tone method.  With this method the shadows and highlights are emphasized, and contrary/complementary colours are used to bring out the details.  A limited palette is also used, which keeps painting fast and is very unifying.

 Until the next post, there are many more models to paint...

Be well.