Dark Eldar - The Iron Thorn

 Another batch of minis done!  This time I got to paint up some sweet dark eldar on bases made from coolness.
 The archon, mostly plastic with some finecast bits.  I like this pose a lot.  Not only is he standing on some elevation, but the model itself is still standing straight.  Always something to keep in mind with epic basing.

 The venoms, with magnetized gunners.  As is usual for eldar, lots of line-highlights.

 And the two five-xenos warrior squads.  Each warrior has a turquoise shoulder pad to differentiate between units.
Until next round, be well.


Gamesday Minis of Old

 These two minis are from the old days, when I wore a red shirt in a hobby centre.  Both of them are Gamesday minis, those one-time exclusives that exist to look cool.
 Back then, I was trying to push my painting skills to a 'Eavy Metal standard.  Trying different techniques on non-gaming pieces, those minis that are destined to sit on a shelf looking nice, gives a painter a nice break from the uniform pallet of painting armies.
 I have decided to put these two up on ebay and clear off that display shelf...they could become yours!

 Until next round...
Be well.

Space Wolves - More Teeth

 Another wave of Space Wolves are finished.  Some bloodclaws, grey hunters and great wolves.  There was some longfangs and tokens, but I seem to not have pictures of them.
 In other news, the desklop I was previously using stopped making whirring noises so I am back on the loptop.  Which should explain why I haven't been on the book of faces lately.
GottaCon fast approaches, and minis need paint....
Until next round!