Menoth - Girls With Knives

 These ladies are part of a project for the owner of our new FLGS; Everything Games.  We are getting spoiled on the island, and Warmachine is gaining momentum with their Journeyman League.  With the new players and venues our local Press Ganger's schedule is filling up fast (and he is expecting a little gamer in the near future).  A new Ganger was needed, so I applied....and got accepted!
Being a Press Ganger has been busy, exciting and a lot of fun so far.   With lots of events and leagues going on it will stay that way.  I am looking forward to it!

Until next round, be well.


Cygnar - Bring the Thunder

 This is the main reason I like Cygnar; Arcane Tempest gun mages.  Commonly known in this house as the "Cool Hat Club" (and "Those Bastards" by my enemies). 
 Apart from being an essential unit in my army, these minis will likely see some time on a hex-map for use in rpg's as well. 
 The unit was painted with heavy amounts of green, like the rest of my Cygnar, and some blue to tie them in.  These guys were really fun to paint up with lots of details and some nice folds in the coats.
 I also picked up the UA at the same time, which should be a given since he makes the unit much better (true sight is win).  The UA is also a 'jack marshal able to give his 'jack the same ammo types as the unit.  I am thinking of giving them the cyclone.
 Another post down, many to go.
Until next round, be well.


Space Wolves - For the Allfather

 Progress.....progress everywhere but on the blog.   The posts are piling up faster than I upload them (which isn't very often, but it should be).  The Space Wolves are progressing, one of the most recent minis is the rune priest.
 For those of you who don't know, a rune priest is a librarian of the Space Wolf chapter who completely denies that they use the warp.  In fact, they were the only legion to use psykers after the edict, because they claim their power comes from Fenris.  I suspect they let them because it is difficult to reason with space-viking-werewolves.
 Either way, this guy has a bunch of Forgeworld bits.  I like the detail on resin, as well as the weight, but he seems like an old sculpt with his closed posture.  I remember the time when terminators hid their armpits...
Until next round, be well.


Khador - A Prince in Red

 I am painting a lot of Khador these days, and Vlad here is one of the recently finished.  This model is an older sculpt, and he has some minor issues, but the intricate details make him a good painting exercise.
 I hear Vlad can be awesome on the table, but I have yet to face him in the wild, now that he is painted I might get the chance.
 His cloak got a touch of freehand, just some anvils to add some detail to all that space.
 I am looking forward to the next Warmachine expansion so I can find out what happens when he learns that the Harbinger is invading his hometown while he is making allies  with the other half of the Northern Crusade.
Until next round, be well.


Cygnar - Caster In Training

 I have a pretty solid plan for this army.  A large part of that plan is to have most of my 'jacks controlled by 'jack marshals and a journeyman warcaster (or two).  This will allow my main 'caster (Stryker/Caine/Sturgis) to use his focus for important 'caster things.  The other part of the plan is gun mages, more on them to follow.
 After a couple of test runs, I am liking the advantage of some extra focus and an additional arcane shield.  So far, the best results are pairing her with the charger and hanging behind the main battlegroup, but I think my opponents will get wise to that soon.
Of course, there is more to come.  Until next round be well.


Khador - Berserker Sorceror

 Every so often I finish a model and am 100% happy with it, The Butcher here is one of those models.  I like the way everything turned out on him, specifically his face.  There is so much rage packed in there...
 Being a character grade model, I was extra light on my highlights using thinned down paints.  Watering/thinning down highlights ill make the paint translucent, allowing the previous colours to show through.
 His skin tone began with warlock purple (gw) and then highlighted with regular flesh tones like tanned flesh (gw) and midlund flesh (p3).  You know how when a person is so angry they turn the same shade as a beet?  That is the look I was going for.
 I just finished emptying out the card on the camera and now my desktop is filled with folders, each one containing a post-worth of pictures....
Until next round, be well.