Khador - Berserker Sorceror

 Every so often I finish a model and am 100% happy with it, The Butcher here is one of those models.  I like the way everything turned out on him, specifically his face.  There is so much rage packed in there...
 Being a character grade model, I was extra light on my highlights using thinned down paints.  Watering/thinning down highlights ill make the paint translucent, allowing the previous colours to show through.
 His skin tone began with warlock purple (gw) and then highlighted with regular flesh tones like tanned flesh (gw) and midlund flesh (p3).  You know how when a person is so angry they turn the same shade as a beet?  That is the look I was going for.
 I just finished emptying out the card on the camera and now my desktop is filled with folders, each one containing a post-worth of pictures....
Until next round, be well.
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