Cygnar - Bring the Thunder

 This is the main reason I like Cygnar; Arcane Tempest gun mages.  Commonly known in this house as the "Cool Hat Club" (and "Those Bastards" by my enemies). 
 Apart from being an essential unit in my army, these minis will likely see some time on a hex-map for use in rpg's as well. 
 The unit was painted with heavy amounts of green, like the rest of my Cygnar, and some blue to tie them in.  These guys were really fun to paint up with lots of details and some nice folds in the coats.
 I also picked up the UA at the same time, which should be a given since he makes the unit much better (true sight is win).  The UA is also a 'jack marshal able to give his 'jack the same ammo types as the unit.  I am thinking of giving them the cyclone.
 Another post down, many to go.
Until next round, be well.
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